Why Whisky Marmalade?

At Dundee Candle Works, we are passionate about celebrating the rich history and tradition of whisky marmalade through our unique and high-quality whisky marmalade candles...

At Dundee Candle Works, we are passionate about celebrating the rich history and tradition of whisky marmalade through our unique and high-quality whisky marmalade candles and diffusers as well as our whisky marmalade gift sets!

What Is Whisky Marmalade?

For those unfamiliar with whisky marmalade, it is a type of jam or spread that is made with a recipe combining oranges or other citrus fruits with whisky and sugar. The fruits are typically peeled and chopped, and then simmered with the whisky and sugar until they are thick and spreadable. The marmalade can be served as a condiment or used in cooking and baking. The addition of whisky gives the marmalade a distinct, smoky flavour that can complement a variety of dishes.

Where Does Whisky Marmalade Come From?

Whisky marmalade is believed to have originated in Scotland, where the use of whisky in cooking and baking has been a long-standing tradition. The combination of the sweet, tangy taste of marmalade with the smoky, rich flavour of whisky creates a unique and delicious spread that has become a popular condiment in many countries around the world.

A Fitting Tribute To Whisky Marmalade

Our whisky marmalade candles are hand-poured using natural coconut wax and infused with the unique and delicious aroma of whisky marmalade. The scent of the candles perfectly captures the sweet, tangy aroma of oranges combined with the rich, smoky aroma of whisky, making them the perfect way to bring a touch of Scotland into any home.

In addition to our whisky marmalade candles, we also offer reed diffusers in the whisky marmalade scent. These diffusers use high-quality fragrance oils and natural reeds to continuously release the aroma of whisky marmalade into your home. The diffusers are designed to last for several months, making them a perfect way to enjoy this unique Scottish scent for a long period of time.

We also offer a whisky marmalade gift set, which includes 1 x 180ml amber glass coconut wax candle and 1 x 250ml amber glass reed diffuser. The whisky marmalade gift set (or whiskey marmalade for our international friends!) is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the unique and delicious scent of whisky marmalade, or if you haven’t tried it before then this is the perfect place to start! They are also great for any occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to house-warming and Christmas.

But our whisky marmalade candles and diffusers aren’t just a way to make your home smell great, they also have a rich history and cultural significance.

The Origins Of Whisky

Whisky has been a part of Scottish culture for centuries, and Dundee has a long history of whisky production. The city was once home to over 30 distilleries, and whisky continues to be an important part of the local economy and culture (if you find yourself in the area, be sure to visit the incredible Lindores Abbey Distillery in Newburgh, where you can learn all about the origins of whisky). By using the aroma of whisky in our products we proudly celebrate the history and tradition of whisky, and all it brings to the local area.

Dundee Marmalade

Dundee is a city in Scotland with a rich history of marmalade production. The city's marmalade history dates back to the 18th century, when James Keiller, a local merchant, began producing marmalade using Seville oranges, which were imported from Spain. Keiller's marmalade quickly gained popularity among locals and soon became known as "Dundee Marmalade."

In the 19th century, Keiller's son, also named James, expanded the business and began exporting marmalade to other parts of the United Kingdom and Europe. The Keiller family's marmalade factory became one of the largest and most successful in Scotland, and their marmalade was widely considered to be of the highest quality.

Dundee's marmalade industry continued to grow throughout the 20th century, and the city became known as the "home of marmalade." Today, the Keiller marmalade factory is no longer in operation, but several local businesses continue to produce marmalade using traditional methods and high-quality ingredients; most notably Mackay’s in Arbroath.

In recent years, Dundee's marmalade history has been celebrated through events such as the annual Dundee Marmalade Festival, which features marmalade tastings, competitions, and cooking demonstrations. The city's marmalade heritage is also recognized by the inclusion of Dundee marmalade on the UK's list of protected food names, known as the "Protected Geographical Indication" (PGI). This means that only marmalade made in Dundee can be called "Dundee Marmalade."

Candles Handmade in Scotland

As owners of Dundee Candle Works, we take pride in using traditional methods and locally-sourced ingredients to create our handmade products. We also participate in local events and festivals to showcase our products and educate the public about the art of sustainable candle-making.

We invite you to experience the unique and delicious aroma of our whisky marmalade candles, diffusers as well as our whisky marmalade gift sets and to celebrate the rich history and tradition of Scottish whisky marmalade. We are confident that you will love these products as much as we do, and we are sure that they will bring a touch of Scotland into your home.

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