A Sustainable Approach

At Dundee Candle Works, we believe it is the responsibility of us all to take care of our beautiful planet for future generations. Sustainability is...

At Dundee Candle Works, we believe it is the responsibility of us all to take care of our beautiful planet for future generations. Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us, it is a core value of our company, and we thank you for supporting us with this key principle.


We believe that by creating products that have a reduced impact on the environment we can help encourage and contribute to the change within the home fragrance industry. Dundee Candle Works are proud that all our products use vegan/cruelty-free ingredients. We use coconut wax, a natural and renewable resource, as the base for our candles. Not only is it better for the environment, but it also burns cleaner and longer, providing a higher quality candle for our customers. We also use natural oils to scent our products, which provide an organic and inviting aroma. Other candle waxes, oils and colourants may have a negative environmental impact, or be produced as a by-product of the petrochemical industry. All Dundee Candle Works candles are undyed, allowing the beautiful white colour of coconut wax to shine through. We are delighted by the response from our customers to our choice of ingredients, in particular the use of coconut wax, and we can't thank you enough for supporting a business that chooses to use higher quality/cost ingredients with a reduced environmental impact.


We also understand that as a business, we have a social responsibility to take care of the communities we operate in. We source our materials from local suppliers whenever possible, and we strive to create jobs that pay a living wage. By supporting our local communities, we believe that we are helping to create a more sustainable future, less reliant on importation and resources produced thousands of miles away.


We also pay great attention to the way we package our candles. We use biodegradable materials, reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills and protecting our oceans. It's small steps like these that make a big impact. Our jute bags are biodegradable, but we hope you can reuse and repurpose them around the home! The same applies to our amber glass jars. Once your candle has burned down, simply remove leftover wax with some washing up liquid and hot water. Our jars make great beauty storage jars or are useful around the kitchen! All our home deliveries are carbon neutral, and arrive safely packaged in corn starch chips, which safely dissolve under running water. Eventually we would hope to launch a return scheme for our glasses and jute bags so we could repurpose them for future customers.


Sustainability is not just about protecting the environment, but it's also about creating a better future for all of us. It's about making conscious choices and taking responsibility for our actions. At Dundee Candle Works, we care deeply about the environment and the people who inhabit it. We will continue in trying to make the right choices, and we hope that you will continue to support us in this effort. While we could easily adopt cheaper methods and source cheaper ingredients, there would undoubtedly be a negative effect in terms of environmental impact. Again, we thank you for all of your support to date by proving that we’re all prepared to make small chances for the greater good.


In short, sustainability matters to us at Dundee Candle Works because we care about our beautiful planet and the future generations that will inherit it. We believe that by making conscious choices and taking responsibility for our actions, we can create a more hopeful future for all of us.