Where does marmalade originate?

Where Is Marmalade From?

Is marmalade of london origin, or of Portuguese origin? We think there's more than enough evidence to say Dundee is the original home of marmalade.

Which is why Dundee Candle Works has always devoted fragrances to this fruity and elegant preserve.

Scottish Candles, Handmade In Dundee

Since Dundee Candle Works was born, one of the main goals was to showcase everything that is great about the East of Scotland, through the medium of elegant home fragrance products. This simply had to begin with marmalade, the sticky golden breakfast treat.

The original scent created was Marmalade & Lime:

A fitting tribute to the home of marmalade – Dundee Candle Works' original scent is clean, light and citrusy. Top notes include orange zest and lime, heart notes of black pepper, lilac and thyme, with base notes of musk and white cedar. This lovely citrus scent is available as a coconut wax scented candle (single and triple wick options available) and a large reed diffuser. A Marmalade & Lime gift set is also available, containing a beautifully packaged scented candle and large reed diffuser.

 As one customer said, “Amazing! The packaging is so cute and unique. It smells soo good too, and it literally makes the whole place smell great.”.

A Whisky By The Fire

Due to the popularity of the marmalade lime fragrance, Dundee Candle Works felt it was necessary to provide another option. Because the original scent is well suited to spring and summer, it made sense to produce a fragrance which would be welcome in the colder, darker Scottish months of autumn and winter, and so Whisky Marmalade was born…

Combining Dundee's signature orange preserve with the water of life, or marmalade with whisky, this fragrance provides a warm sensual base with light citrus notes. Top notes of orange, mandarin and bergamot, heart notes of patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver with base notes of dark amber and musk. This warming orange scent is available as a coconut wax scented candle (single and triple wick options available) and a large reed diffuser. A Whisky Marmalade gift set (or Whiskey Marmalade gift set to some!) is also available, containing a beautifully packaged scented candle and large reed diffuser.

 The Range That Shines

While Dundee Candle Works has a range of interesting fragrances, there is something special about the range of marmalade candles and diffusers which really connect with people. Maybe it’s happy memories of mum or gran enjoying a weekend morning with some tea and toast, or maybe it’s the association with a certain bear. Maybe it’s just because people like marmalade!

Whatever the reason, people are really connecting with the East of Scotland and the connection with marmalade. While people enjoy the products, they enjoy giving them to loved ones even more! This is no doubt due to the high-quality packaging. All individual products sold come in their own 100% natural jute gift bag, while the Scottish gift sets come in tasteful white boxes in a bed of recyclable shredded black paper. The Whisky Marmalade Gift Set makes an ideal Scottish gift. They have a refreshingly subtle Scottish style and demonstrate that there is much more to Scotland than the highlands or islands (as beautiful as they are). We anticipate the Whiskey Marmalade Gift Set will be considered a great Scottish gift solution.

For those who can’t choose a favourite or would just like to have both fragrances (and who could blame you!), there is also a Marmalade Gift Set, combining both marmalade fragrances. This gift set includes 1x 180ml Marmalade & Lime scented candle and 1x 250ml Whisky Marmalade reed diffuser.

 View The Full Dundee Candle Works Range

New to Dundee Candle Works? Here is a brief overview of products and ingredients if you would like to know more:

Products available at Dundee Candle Works include coconut wax scented candles, large reed diffusers and luxury Scottish gift sets which consist of one scented candle (180ml glass) and one large reed diffuser.

Fragrances currently available are Sugared Almond, Marmalade & Lime, Jute & Tobacco, Whisky Marmalade, Firs & Fairways and Earl Grey & Verbena.

All Dundee Candle Works products are vegan and come in 100% natural jute gift bags which are biodegradable. The company takes great care to minimise environmental impact and adopts a zero-plastic approach in product development. The slightly rustic jute fibre (or hessian) gift bags which products are presented in are a wonderful link to Scotland’s history and make for beautiful gifts.

The Best Candle Wax

Why coconut wax? Although it’s a relatively expensive wax, it has many advantages over traditional waxes including better green credentials. Soy wax is linked to heavy deforestation in South America and paraffin wax is a by-product of the petrochemical industry. A bleaching agent is added to paraffin wax to improve the appearance and the unperfumed fumes are similar to combusting diesel! Most people would probably be surprised at how widespread the use of paraffin wax is. Coconut wax is naturally light and pure in colour and burns very cleanly. It even lasts longer than other waxes, including soy. For Dundee Candle Works, choosing to use coconut wax was a simple decision.

Visit www.dundeecandleworks.com for a full list of products and stockists throughout the East of Scotland region, including Angus, Perthshire and Fife.


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